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Word by Sarah van Vuuren

Two years ago, we received an unexpected call from Abba. We had been actively busy sowing our lives into Bridal Harvest Ministries, as Abba had called us to be in His service. I received a series of dreams showing me that Abba was opening a new way for us to be able to live out our callings here on earth. I was sitting and writing down these dreams, a word from Him, to make sure we stayed on His course for our lives. It was during that time that Abba placed a new vision in our hearts. My husband had received the name “Harvest Life” from Abba, and it was time to give birth to a new vision. Today we would like to share one of the most important aspects of Harvest Life with you…

As I was writing down the vision, I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Yeshua’s words were very clear, “You will start a school.” A whaaat?! I thought I had heard wrong, but despite the fact that I had rolled the idea around in my natural mind and struggled to “see” how it could even be possible, there was an excitement in my spirit. For a long time, I kept the word in my heart, silently waiting for Abba to speak again. He did! This time He didn’t just speak, He moved, He went out before us and started opening the way quickly.
Abba is the God who provides, and it is our honour to be able to bring His Kingdom to earth through obeying Him in faith. Faith sometimes costs a very high price, and in this case, it was no different. We had to pack up our lives and move to the land that Abba had shown us where we would give birth to “Harvest Life”. It is a long and wonderful story which we will share with you in detail, but for now, we want to share the vision about “Harvest Life School”.

When Abba spoke about the school, I knew it wasn’t just a Bible school that would just be around faith topics, I knew it was an official school. These were the words of Yeshua…

“There is a great cry in Egypt, it is the heart cry of the young generation whose innermost beings cry out to know Me, to learn about My ways and My words. They yearn for Me deep within, but it is a silent scream from a drowning generation. They long to live under the shade of the tree of life, but there is no pure resting place for them close to My heart. The children’s spirits are being defiled by a system, a way which isn’t Mine. There are so many dark layers of this world that darken their minds while they are called to be the pioneers of My Kingdom in this important hour. I tell you, in the last days I will pour out My Spirit and the sons and daughters will prophesy. The godly gifts inside of the children that will bring light to this time are in captivity because the children are not being raised from My feet like Joshua and Samuel. I am calling you to prepare a place for them.

“I am calling you to build an ark for them. I am calling you to gather them unto Me. I am calling you to give ear to My words because there is a great harvest for them in Me, and I need My pioneers to align with Me in order to birth this vision. You will not just birth a vision; you will birth godly nations who have listening ears, inclined to their Creator. With your very own eyes you will see families within nations turning toward Me and manifesting My Kingdom in their daily lives. I have placed a call, an anointing, upon Harvest Life to carry this mantle. It is a mantle woven with many colourful threads, and the mantle is the curriculum that you will not just teach but live, because the curriculum that I AM giving you is nothing other than a lifestyle of the listening and obedient ones. It is what you will teach the children, it is what you will live out for them. Call the pioneers to stand together because you will give birth to a new thing. Remember your name, Sarah, it means “mother of nations”. This is an important call, and I have already put the pioneers together and planted the seed in each heart so that you can come together and step out in faith.

“This school will be an end-time ark for the young generations to meet with Me in My garden, there where I made them and gave life to them, there I will make them My own and I will lead them to live in My garden again, like in the beginning. I AM releasing creativity to you in order to accomplish this task. I am giving it to the school as My gift. Go, go and be creative with what I have given you. Create a place and a space for the children to experience My ecosystem, My garden is more than what the eye can see and when you take them out of the classroom into My ecosystem, they will encounter the Creator Himself. Lead them into Life where the harvest of their lives will be a harvest of abundant life as can only be found in Me.”

Following, we, as the Harvest Life pioneers, have put together a vision in which we share a little more about the school.

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