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As we have stayed in a place of waiting on Abba for guidance and direction about the school, He has shown us the following…

The school will consist of two branches –
  1. A website which will be the platform where the Harvest Life content creators will make courses available that will make up the curriculum of the school. Parents will have instant access to all the tools they need to raise their children to walk with Yeshua and have daily Kingdom topics that are a part of everyday school. The parents will be able to work through all the courses provided at their own pace as Holy Spirit leads.
  2. Secondly, we want to create a parent community where they can find support, as the parents also need tools to create a lifestyle and a rhythm in their homes, because Harvest Life is about much more than just education.
The school will also have a base in Uruguay (South America) near a small town called El Eden. This is the place that Abba has pointed out with His finger where we need to set up the base, which will be like a model for many other schools around the globe. Through many miracles He has blessed us with a piece of land and His word to us was, “This is the place I have chosen as the firstfruits of a great harvest that will come. Here, from the place called Eden, you will hear a cry, a cry from My heart to return to My garden. From here, you will teach My children to live Promised-Land lives under the shade of the tree of life. Follow My instruction, for I have gone out before you and have given you this land for the purposes of My Kingdom. Here you will build an ark, it will be the base of the online school, so that My people within the nations may hear My call back to My Eden.”
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Every topic that a child studies is based on Scripture and the principles of YHVH’s Kingdom, using everything they are learning as an opportunity to teach the child what the word of God says about the area of life they are currently learning about. Each topic will teach them the relevant principles of Abba’s Kingdom, and how to practically apply them in their everyday life... so that they progressively grow up through this school of YHVH, and, by the time they have completed their schooling years, they are mature young adults who live a “garden lifestyle” that is just naturally a part of who they are. (A garden lifestyle being defined as how Abba Father intended us to live, which is according to His Kingdom ways in spirit, soul and body in the Garden of Eden).
In Israel and the Jewish culture, a major part of their schooling is memorising the word of God, so that by the time they are about 14 years old, they know and are able to recite the whole of the Torah (first five books of the Bible) by heart. It has been shown in medical science how memorising Scripture significantly increases a child’s IQ. This is one of the major reasons why you see the most patents and inventions in the world coming out of Israel. In the same way, and for similar reasons, a daily part of this school of YHVH will involve memorising Scripture, so that by the time the child has completed their schooling years, they would know large portions of the Bible by heart (where it is literally written on their hearts as Jeremiah 31:33 says). But it will not involve memorising large portions of Scripture just in a parrot fashion without fully understanding everything they are memorising, but rather in a life-giving practical way that is relevant to the topic or area of life they are currently learning about, and where those Scriptures have been previously studied in depth in terms of their meaning and relevance to our daily lives.

Apart from memorising Scripture, in contrast to the mainstream schooling system of the world, the main method of testing (exams) will not involve requiring the child to memorise the information and just regurgitate it. They will rather be given assignments and hands-on practical projects where they will learn to practically apply the principles that they are learning, which facilitates their ability to think for themselves and practically apply those principles to life, which is what truly demonstrates their understanding of each principle. Dr Michelle Strydom shares how she has learnt this through practical experience in medical school – where, for example, you can learn about a disease ad infinitum from books, but it just remains head knowledge that you never truly understand until you work with a patient in real life who has that disease, and see first-hand how it works. Only then does the true understanding of that information and knowledge sink in and become “revelation”, which is very different from just having head knowledge that a person tends to quickly forget and fails to understand how to apply to life, which ultimately renders it meaningless.

In this school of YHVH, learning to read, write and speak Hebrew (especially Biblical Hebrew) is essential, so that the children will eventually be equipped to study Scripture and dig out the treasures and revelation of its true meaning for themselves.

This school of YHVH is essentially a journey of discipleship, where the main goals of the syllabus are learning the word of God and the principles of His Kingdom. Also, learning to practically apply them in life, and experience the truth and reality behind it first hand, as well as the blessing that comes from a shama lifestyle of listening and obeying and living according to His Kingdom ways. A key part of this would be teaching them to keep journals, where they would record the different times of when and how they applied the principle they have learnt, and later record the harvest or results that came from it.
So, for example, when they learn about Abba Father’s principles of financial management, such as tithing, the law of generosity – sowing into the lives of others, etc. – or applying Kingdom principles in relationships, such as the fruits of the Spirit, etc., to be given the task to practically apply them on a regular basis, for example, being given a year-long project, keeping a journal of what they did (when they practically applied that principle) and eventually recording the blessings, harvest or other consequences they experienced as a result. And once they have experienced the truth and reality of those principles they will have learnt for themselves, be coached to continue to live and apply those principles for the rest of their lives, where they continue to keep those journals and at certain time intervals are checked, evaluated and discussed with the parent. These discussions would involve lessons learnt (positive and negative), where repentance, growth and improvement are needed, and following that, tasks and smaller projects on that same topic or principle are included in following years, to cultivate further growth and maturity in that area and serving as a reminder to keep applying it until it has become a part of that child’s long-term lifestyle.
In the process, so much that has been lost to the body of Messiah for generations, will be restored: for example, knowledge and understanding of the Biblical Feasts, celebrating Shabbat, Abba Father’s financial management system, the Tabernacle, etc. Many of these things that people are having to learn and trying to understand as adults, children will thoroughly understand from an early age in this school of YHVH.

Whilst this home-schooling program will provide guidelines for the parent, there would be no stress or pressure of deadlines, and room for flexibility allowing each child to develop according to their own individual capacity and timing of Abba – allowing for adjustments according to the discernment that Abba would give the parent to nourish the child’s character.

Through the home-schooling process, parents would be teaching the child practical and effective study techniques, how to “teach” themselves, think for themselves, and rely on the Holy Spirit to help them when they don’t initially understand something. They will progressively learn to be taught directly by the Holy Spirit, so that from approximately age 13 onwards, they would take themselves through the home-schooling process, with the parent just on standby to guide and help where necessary – but by this stage, they would have developed the self-discipline to set goals and get work done for themselves. Abba Father has also shown me that from this point, many will not even need to go to university because the Holy Spirit will teach and equip them from that point on, for their individual calling and destiny Abba has for their lives, untainted by the world’s education system which is based on Babylon’s way of thinking (John 14:26).
In the school of YHVH, apart from the standard important basic topics, like learning to read, write, mathematics, etc., a child will be educated in areas that are very important for equipping them for life, for example:
Relationships: How to develop healthy godly relationships…
  • With Abba Father, Yeshua and Holy Spirit: How to practically cultivate a close, intimate, first-love relationship with Him, and the basic spiritual disciplines of daily time in fellowship with Him, how to read and study the word, a personal lifestyle of praise and worship, tongues, fasting, prayer, etc.
  • With themselves: How to build a strong, solid, healthy, godly identity (explained more below).
  • With others: Wisdom from Scripture about how to conduct themselves in relationships with others, e.g., practically applying the fruits of the Holy Spirit, walking in love, forgiveness, etc., how to cultivate godly friendships, how to respond to mistreatment, handle difficult confrontations, etc.
Learning about the different fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc., and their benefits to the body.

Practically learning how to grow the different types of foods for themselves, as well as chickens, cattle, sheep, and fish farming, etc., learnt through small practical projects (not necessarily needing large farming land, but adjustable to the practical situations of each parent, some of whom live in cities) and other basic principles of agriculture that will equip them to have their own fruit and vegetable garden and to be completely self-sufficient to supply all the food that they need to live.

Learning how to make different recipes comprising raw, pure, organic foods to develop a healthy nutritional lifestyle, based on YHVH’s Kingdom ways, that are tasty, attractive, delicious, fun and life giving (instead of the toxic, health-destroying, nutritionally empty food of Babylon and Egypt that depresses a person’s spirit, soul and body).
Doctor Michelle Strydom, who has gone through medical school, has realised that it is not too difficult to teach it to children in school, so that by the time they graduated, they would have most of the knowledge that doctors have – and be able to recognise problems in their bodies and have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of how to deal with them. Although, in many ways it would be completely different to conventional medical schools, which are based on the ways of Babylon, pharmakeia and sorcery and many other occultic ways of the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, the principles of health would be taught based on Abba Father’s Kingdom ways and Scripture.
Diseases first start in the spiritual realm and become mindsets that form in the wounds of a person’s soul. Therefore, in the early school years, health education would start with teaching the child the mindsets of Abba Father from the word of God that combat the mindsets that cause disease. For example: As a part of the school syllabus, equipping them to build a strong, solid, healthy self-esteem and identity in Yeshua by learning to see themselves as Abba sees them according to His word – almost like building a strong wall, where “one brick at a time” each week they are taught another truth from Scripture about their identity. This is reinforced in different ways (depending on the age group) with memorising relevant Scripture, singing it in songs, drawing pictures, faith confessions about their identity that they speak out daily (initially repeating after the parent) and then learning to do it themselves, etc. (This combats a whole category of diseases caused by self-hatred, a low self-esteem, unloving spirit, spirit of rejection, guilt, shame, etc.)

Equipping them on how to practically deal with and overcome the different forms of fear, anxiety and stress as they are relevant to their personal lives, as well as anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and all the other mindsets behind diseases, using the same methods described above for building a strong, godly identity.

In the process, throughout the school curriculum, the child will be led to understand and deal with all the different spiritual strongholds most of us have to learn to overcome – leading them on a journey of sanctification where all the wounds in their souls are healed, restored and made whole, thus, in the process, equipping them to cleanse their wedding garments and live a lifestyle that makes them ready and prepared as a wise virgin with extra oil when Yeshua returns.

Then, in high school, the child would be educated on the anatomy (different parts of the body) and physiology (how different parts of the body work) and how they tie in with Abba Father’s design for creation and different aspects of His word, for example, the Tabernacle, spiritual principles associated with each part of the body, pathology (when different parts of the body dysfunction – how and why) and different diseases and what causes them – from both a spiritual and physical point of view – and how to deal with and overcome them through YHVH’s Kingdom ways.

Learning about the different essential oils – how to properly grow, make and process them – what each kind is valuable for and when and how to apply it, for example, for symptomatic relief of a health issue.
Learning the lifestyle habit of daily exercise as part of being a faithful steward of their bodies and as part of learning to cultivate the spiritual fruits of faithfulness, discipline, and self-control. Learning about the different muscles, nerves and parts of the body involved in different types of stretches and exercise, and how to develop the health, strength, and fitness of their bodies to its maximum potential.

Each child will have different interests, passions, talents, gifts, and desires to do different kinds of exercise (swimming, running, cycling, mountain climbing or whatever), but there are some excellent basic everyday exercises to train and develop a person’s nerves, muscles and core strength that will maximise their health and optimise their ability and gifting to do whatever other form of exercise or sport they enjoy. This is what will be taught as a foundation, upon which each child can go on to develop their own personal interests from there.

Other skills useful to life and running a home
  • The basics of building houses, rooms, and structures.
  • The basics of electronics – how to assemble, maintain, and fix solar-powered and electrical equipment in a home.
  • The basics of mechanics – being able to fix the main problems of a car when it breaks down (although the world will soon turn to electric cars in the NWO system).
  • The basics of plumbing, carpentry, and other practical skills valuable to everyday life and being able to be, for the most part, self-sufficient and relying as little as possible on the world’s system.
  • The basics of business management according to Abba’s Kingdom ways and running a home.
  • Learning to plant, harvest and make products with what you have planted, like bread, cheese, pesto, soap and many more.
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Agriculture - farming God's way
  • Permaculture models of food forests – production of widest possible range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, essential oils, etc. required for a healthy, nutritional lifestyle that maximises health and vitality.
  • Organic chickens, cattle, sheep, etc. that work in synergy with organic food forests to maximise productivity
  • Worm farming
  • Bee keeping
  • Organic composting
  • Soil restoration
  • Micro-greens
  • Sprouting
Harvest Life - Devotion through movement
Everyone has a God-given calling to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. One way of doing this is through dance. At Harvest Life School we want our children to use movement in a godly way of worship. They will learn how to use worship tools, like flags and material, not just as toys, but as weapons of warfare through dance. They will also learn the prophetic significance of colours as well as posture and how to devote themselves to God through movement and how to “dance Scripture”.

This is only to share a few of the MANY topics that Abba has laid on our hearts that we will integrate into the Harvest Life School model. It will be a multi-layered, lifestyle-based curriculum that integrates topics on spirit, soul and body levels, in order to bring the teaching home to the children.
Harvest Life - Music
Music is a big part of our callings. Writing songs, composing, and singing, all in worship of our Bridegroom King, are not just a joy, they are used for warfare, which is greatly important. It is something that we would like the Harvest Life children to be skilled in. We want to raise up worshippers who worship in Spirit and in truth. We will focus on developing not only the children’s voices, and teaching them how to play an instrument, but the way they worship. For example, breaking free from the entertainment and performance model, through teaching them how to use music to focus on Abba instead of themselves. Every child has a sound inside and that sound needs to be heard. We want to help them utter that sound and be shaped through being Christ focused.
Music also has amazing benefits in the overall development of the child – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Many studies have been done and have proven how music enhances learning and the ability to absorb new information and assimilate complex concepts. It develops spatial awareness and problem solving, which make for great critical thinkers, engineers, and mathematicians. If the brain is the “motherboard”, music makes it light up!

Music enables neurological pathways to form like nothing else can.
We plan to use music as a powerful tool or vehicle to bring across subject matter and concepts through songs, rhythm, rhymes, movement, and the playing of instruments.

Harvest Life - Revelation through art

Genesis 1 says, “And God created”, and further on it says that God created man and woman in His image. He establishes that He is our Creator and that we are also creators. So, to live out their fullness, we want to teach the children to access their creative core.

We want to teach the children to co-create with the Creator. In
Exodus 31, for the Tabernacle of Moses, God anointed skilled artists to fill the Tabernacle with beauty and creativity downloaded from heaven. He poured out His very Spirit on the artists. When God filled the Tabernacle with His glory, the artists’ works and the musicians had already been in place. Today, we ARE the tabernacle or temple, the hosts of the Presence. We believe there is going to be a move of the Spirit on the skilled artists and musicians to create an atmosphere of heaven for the Spirit to move like He has never moved before.

Art is a key component of communication and creativity. To prepare our children for what lies ahead, we want to equip them as artists and visual communicators with the ability to express their thoughts and ideas in art through drawing, painting and three-dimensional sculptures, with skill and excellence.

We believe art is a way of communicating creative ideas coming from Abba Father. So, whether the art ends up being part of an engineering project, or representing something of great beauty and magnificence – representing spiritual things and taking people deeper into the Presence of God – it starts with a drawing, or an expression of what God is saying, and then gets fleshed out.
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